Zinfandel, A White Wine?

This wine was full of surprises, from the minute I poured the, all tge eay though tasting of the wine. Every sense of mine, was wrong in expectations. I expected a white wine, yet it was Rosé, when I poured. An intense copper colour, that was mesmerising to say the least.

The nose was stone fruit all over, quite sweet and peachy. That’s the flavour I expected, yet to my surprise, it was a lot lighter in body than the heavy richness the nose gave me. It was also far from sweet, more tarty in flavours and drying the mouth with every sip.

It grows on you with every sip. Expect the unexpected…. I loved it, and look forward to pairing it with dinner, which is a seared tuna that Mrs H does in a mighty fine way 😉


South African Wine Map

“Have a great weekend!”, I said. My colleague’s response to this was to ask me where I was going wine tasting this weekend. I fumbled with my answer, as to be honest I had no intention of going wine tasting at all. That she asked the question had me wondering if people thought all I do with my spare time is taste wine. That’s why I humbled along in answering.

Well, the evidence points to that. After all, who in their right mind would even find it interesting to buy a wine map of South Africa? It clearly is one of my hobbies.

Wine Tasting, Don’t Forget The Glass!

Maybe it’s the introvert in me; but I find I get to experience the wine I taste a lot better at home. The fewer people, the better as it reduces the outside influence and creates the space for my senses to tell me what I think. It is for that reason that I bought these Riedel glasses late last year. They cost a lot more than I would ordinarily justify for a wine glass, but my wine tastings with Choms at home are all that much more extraordinary.

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Italy And Wine With Friends

Curiosity pays a high return! That is how I prefer to think, seeing as the more common understanding is curiosity killed the cat. We are on holiday in Italy. Expectations are high, and so far, the country has not disappointed. When I started this blog, it was specifically to write about South African wines. I found it fairly difficult to find any material on the internet, that was independent of the producers (wine farms), if you had any form of enthusiasm about South African wines. Old world countries like Italy, France and Spain do not need a story to be sold about their wines. Wine with friends really ought to not have borders, so let’s make these borders porous.

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Glen Carlou, Celebrating 30 Years Of Wine

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! Glen Carlou is a relatively young wine estate which I knew very little about when I visited. That is an approach I prefer, as then I go in with no expectations and bias. It is ideal, in that the impression I am left with after the experience is mine, as opposed to one subliminally sneaking up on me based on ‘marketing’. I only realised at the weekend that it is Glen Carlou’s birthday month, so my timing can be part of me celebrating with them in my own way. This is not a paid for post, but my own experience having now been to the wine estate and getting connected with their hospitality. If you are not familiar with my style, I write about wine because I enjoy sharing what I learn, and so for that reason I don’t appreciate writers, particularly critics, who want to tell me what to think.

Fresh and light stories, without the pinch of salt

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Grangehurst Cabernet Sauvignon, Wine Pairing On My Own

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! It’s Women’s Day as I write this, and I am all alone, without any of  the women of my life. Apt, considering I am referring back to my wine tasting notes from the last time I tasted wine without Chomba. The irony of wine pairing, on my own, without the Mrs. The Grangehurst Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 is the wine of the moment, and this bottle is available at Woolworths. Two things that I learnt today, the wine farm was bought  and renamed in the year that I was born and Jeremy Walker started wine-making in the year that I finished High School. Jeremy’s parents, Eddie and Betty bought the farm.

Eddie and Betty bought the farm having moved from England

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Babylonstoren Shiraz, Red, Red, Wine

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! Today’s post is a bit of a throw back. The name of this wine estate, rings tones of The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon for me. I am literally hearing UB40’s Red, Red Wine in my head as I write.

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A Bottle Of Wine, The Scene And A Good Story

In every bottle of wine there is story to be told. What is it though, that makes it a good story, a bad story, or a great story? Telling a great story is a unique art in my opinion. I have read content, not limited to wine write ups, where the narrative is put forward in a way that left me feeling like the experience I had just had, was an escape of sorts. So how do wine marketers and bloggers get it right, when they try tell a story about the vintage that the wine maker is so proud of?

The opening line to opening wine…

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