The Constantia Greenbelt

My photo opportunities for street photography will be exploited on the Constantia Greenbelt. I have been there twice now with Jordan, bearing our Nikon cameras, strapped around our necks. 

I get the best of both in this confined space in that there are different types of people. Some are walking the dog, others pushing a stroller and others, simply a group of people walking. There are also nature shots that have that are quaint, giving you that could try feel in an urban zone.

I am not yet comfortable with street photography, where the subjects are people. I will get there, but for now I am wrestling with the intrusion. I feel like I could capture their souls, while they mind their own business, looking for serenity in a green space. 

Gemelli, Putting Joburg On The Map Of Italian Dining

It’s not often that my family and I are in Joburg at the same time. Without a doubt, we’re a family that loves the good food experience. Having said that, I have never resonated with labeling myself as a foodie. Mostly because I feel like I would be ‘elevating’ myself to a status, in which I would be an impostor. Anyway, I digress…

I heard about Gemelli from a friend when it opened earlier this year. I

A daytime shot of Gemelli
A daytime shot of Gemelli

always had an eagerness to go there and experience what their fine family dining had to offer. What better time then, with all of us in the City Of Gold, to give it a go.

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