Life Is A Series Of Moments

Sometimes, I actually get caught up in the moment. Experiencing it, and even though the urge comes to take a photo, the idea of reaching for my camera just seems like an effort… An effort that will not enhance the moment.  I like looking back at my life in pictures. And I love looking back at my life experiences as they are captured in my mind.

Luck, Comes To Those Who Take A Chance

If you want to get lucky, you’ve got to put yourself in the way! A simple story illustrates this for me. 
A young man, who was very devoted to his God, would do right and live in line with the values of his faith. Day and night, he would also pray to God, asking that he be blessed with the miracle of winning the lotto.

For years, he would pray, day and night, giving thanks to God for all that he had. He lived his best life, ever looking to do right by his God. He never won the lotto though. He was not destitute, and could make ends meet. So while he did not need the big lotto winnings, they would have brought about a significant shift in his lifestyle.

“My Lord,” he said, praying one night, “For years, I have prayed, day and night, asking to win the lotto. Why will you not shower me with that blessing?”

“My son,” God replied, “You have to at least buy a ticket!”

If you haven’t got a ticket, you haven’t got a chance. So, whatever it is that you have your sights set on, get in there and go for it. 

Heritage Day, Our Culture Of Compromise

The irony of this Public Holiday, is it was put in place to unite us as South Africans. Celebrating Heritage Day, was an effort led by the government, to heal the divisions of our past. A marketing campaign that gained legs in 2005 has hijacked the national day, and now I find it divisive, given how it could possibly change how South African history is recorded.

An image from Business Day #feesmustfall
An image from Business Day #feesmustfall

I am now where this young student is. A picture from Business Day at a #feesmustfall demonstration. Every time I hear someone call Heritage Day, Braai Day (or National Braai Day), I age a few years, as I have to calm myself down from the racing anger that shoots through my veins. I can’t change how history gets accounted for, but I don’t have to accept it.

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World Of Whisky, Private Barrel Company No.41


Single malt scotch whisky just took a whole new turn, when it comes to the brand influencing my experience. I will probably never know what whisky house this is, that has made our Jozi Whiskey Club go bezerk. We hunt this golden liquid, better than Pokémon Go gamers perform their craft, as we look to get more than our fair share of the 3,000 bottles produced.

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Apple, AirPods or Airheads?

Admittedly, I was one of the people who ridiculed the outcome of the recent Apple event, after Labour Day, when they launched their iPhone 7. Apple confirmed that the iPhone7 has no audio jack. There were no real surprises in the launch for me, even though at the time, I was in the middle of the bush, at a work conference.

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New York, May We Never Forget

I don’t think the images of the planes, crashing into the World Trade Center, is one that can be easily forgotten. For most of us, we saw it all on TV. 

I don’t think the gravity of what happened that day is realised the same by all of us. I do think, being at Ground Zero, and feeling the energy there, your perspective would remain  the same…

May We Never Forget