Steenberg Rosé 2016

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out what works for you. One part of me wants to do a dipstick and check how useful, you, the reader, are finding these blog posts. Another part of me says it’s too early, keep writing because with hundreds of wine types and styles out there in the world, I have not even scratched the surface with the four South African wines I have blogged about so far. We need more time. Then we can have a useful dipstick test, but feedback along the way is very welcome and useful. I already have a request  from Iblis Bane, and I have committed to tasting a Cabernet Sauvignon. That won’t be today though, as I had already lined up the next couple of tastes. Today, I get to share with you the Steenberg Rosé 2016 vintage.

I can only pronounce Cinsault, because I heard it pronounced at The Tasting Room

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Red Wine, DeMorgenzon Maestro Red 2011

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out what works for you. This week’s wine sees a change of tempo, as I have shared enough of the good, everyday South African wines. I recently discovered that taste preferences are genetic. It sounds obvious with hindsight, but was not something I consciously thought of. It supports what I felt in the start of this blog on South African wines. As I post about wine weekly, I don’t have an intention of making you believe what is a good wine or a bad wine. I can simply tell you about a wine that I enjoy (a HIT) versus a wine that I personally thought was a MISS. This week I am tasting the DeMorgenzon Maestro Red 2011 vintage!


As I enjoy bottle number 4 of this vintage of the DeMorgenzon Maestro Red 2011

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Steenberg Wine Estate, Weekly Photo Shop

While my wine of the week has by some form of coincidence focused on South African wine from Stellenbosch, don’t under estimate the calibre and artillery that comes from Constantia wines. Scenes from wine tasting at Steenberg! The red wines are two sets of the same three wines. Knowing that, would you care to guess what’s in each glass, by the grape?

Red Wine, Spier Signature Merlot 2015

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out what works for you. Welcome to our third wine of the week! Our journey continues, as we explore South African wines. You shouldn’t feel excluded from the world of wine, simply because you don’t live near a wine region. Our wine this week, is a red wine, and it is a Merlot. I chose a single varietal to try, as before we get into blends, we need to have some sense of how some of those grapes taste individually. Merlot is one of the more popular red wine varietals in the world, just behind the Cabernet Sauvignon. Both came into being originally from Bordeaux, which is why Merlot makes up one of the primary grapes in a Bordeaux Blend. Introducing the Spier Signature Merlot 2015!

Light, camera… ACTION!

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White Wine, Hartenberg Chardonnay 2015 Reserve Collection

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out what works for you. The flip side to that statement is, if you try different wines, you are bound to figure out what does not work for you! Wine and personal taste have a very unpredictable relationship. I recently tasted a Hartenberg Chardonnay 2015 Reserve Collection. I figured it would be a great wine to try for our wine of the week, seeing as  Hartenberg is a wine estate that I rate highly.

It was not quite the dark and stormy night, but…

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