Red Wine, Anwilka Petit Frère 2012

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! Anwilka vineyards remains unknown to me as a wine farm and is situated on the south end of Stellenbosch. I discovered this bottle of Petit Frère while wine tasting at Klein Constantia wine farm in the autumn of 2015. On tasting the wine at the wine farm, it really did not appeal to either Chomba or myself. However, we did think that it could be better with time, so took a gamble buying one bottle, knowing that it would be put away for aging.

This Is Jordan Photography

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Doing Great Things Is Difficult, Weekly Photo Shop

Doing great things is difficult… Do great things anyway. I always told myself my entrepreneurial spirit was something I got from my mom. Listening to my aunt speak about my grandmother at her funeral yesterday, I was reminded about who the original entrepreneur was, which influenced my mom, and in turn me. It all made sense, because I remember it all. It’s just I guess I saw my grandmother more for her time she would always make for us her grandchildren, yet when we would sleep, she would be toiling away on her sowing machine, creating works of art which were her own design. How can I forget that Mma?

My African Queen, laid to rest this week

Red Wine, Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! It sounds obvious, but I choose to remind you of that every blog post, as it’s not easy getting to discover the next amazing thing, when we choose to stick with what we know. Our wine choices are not immune to this vulnerability. I made a promise many weeks ago, and it’s time I delivered on that promise. I could not wait until after Easter, so just last week I popped into Makro in search of a Cabernet Sauvignon. I scanned the shelves for a while, and the winner was the Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon 2014.

Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon Uncorked

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Red Wine, Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2011

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! Some people like their wines mature, while others like them young! Some people like their wines racy, while others  prefer less of the lemon like acidity but rather a more neutral tone. Some people like the textural sharpness of the tannins that are gripping on the tongue while others would opt for a more smooth non-invasive flowing wine in their mouth. When you start to figure out which of those people you are, your wine journey becomes all that much more fun. That’s when you really begin to understand why you liked a specific wine and why you did not like another. The wine of the week is the Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2011 vintage.

If your wine taste and preference is not black and white, you are right!

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Vergelegen, No Ordinary Estate, For My Weekly Photo Shop

It’s a wonder that I call this Sunday Post custom I am starting, my Weekly Photo Shop! I don’t use Photoshop to edit my photography. I like the title, it almost fits to describe the window into my world of photography, while talking wine with friends. Jordan took this picture while we were on the Vergelegen wine estate on her smartphone in 2015. I should have known then that her keen eye with a camera was destined for a world beyond a simple point and shoot camera!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

White Wine, DeMorgenzon Maestro White 2015

One of the joys of venturing away from wines you are familiar with, is you discover wine you like. Equally as important, is along the way, you will also start to know what wine you definitely don’t like.  I blog to give you ideas as to wines that you might not have necessarily come across given South Africa has such a plethora of wines, wine types and wine styles. In six weeks of blogging, we have covered no less than 11 wines. I have blogged about white wine, red wine, a Rosé and in all that at least 14 varietals of grapes. Wine can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, but the trick is simply to start… Find a couple of friends who are as curious as you and make it an event to taste and share notes. It also makes buying the wines safer in that you can avoid making expensive mistakes. Learning about wine  takes deliberate practice. This week I am tasting the DeMorgenzon Maestro White 2015 vintage!

A box full of treasures or pleasures?

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Wine Tasting, Mullineux & Leeu Wines With Food At La Table du Chef

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out what works for you. Wine tasting and food pairing though, is an art and science best left to the professionals. I have written before about the journey in food you will have if you join Franck and Pete at The Foodbarn in Noordhoek. When they invite winemakers to pull out their very special wines to share in the marathon of fine dining they have created, your tastebuds will experience a symphony of taste second to none. In January 2017, the guests  of  honour at La Table du Chef, or Chef’s Table as we have come to know it, were Chris and Andrea Mullineux, co-owners and winemaker at Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines, a wine estate in the Swartland.

I shared this menu with a foodie who was not going and her response was “You’re killing me!”

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