Imaginary Lines, Weekly Photo Shop

My Weekly Photo Shop post does not yet have a personality and boundaries. It is my freedom to express mode on the blog. It is always a ‘story’, driven by the photograph, rather than my usual blog posts which are the photographs driven by the ‘wine story’.

This week I will share this photograph I took on my last visit to Cape Point in 2015. It is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. I am always fascinated at how people come here, and try to convince you to see the line they see where the two oceans meet.

Seeing how we respond politically of late, the funny side of the Cape Point experience is drowned a bit for me. People are obsessed with separation and lines, in spite of all the evidence that we are not that dissimilar and that we all want the same thing…

Have a nice day

Where East Meets West

Doing Great Things Is Difficult, Weekly Photo Shop

Doing great things is difficult… Do great things anyway. I always told myself my entrepreneurial spirit was something I got from my mom. Listening to my aunt speak about my grandmother at her funeral yesterday, I was reminded about who the original entrepreneur was, which influenced my mom, and in turn me. It all made sense, because I remember it all. It’s just I guess I saw my grandmother more for her time she would always make for us her grandchildren, yet when we would sleep, she would be toiling away on her sowing machine, creating works of art which were her own design. How can I forget that Mma?

My African Queen, laid to rest this week

Step Out Of The Shadows

The Gnomes of Zurich are experts in monetary or financial affairs
The Gnomes of Zurich are experts in monetary or financial affairs

I have written before, about how luck comes to those who take a chance. I sat at my desk, writing in my notebook. My writing, putting pen to paper, serves as a jockey, committing me to my dreams. After I finished writing, and I changed my mode to reading a screen,  I came across these words.

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Life Is A Series Of Moments

Sometimes, I actually get caught up in the moment. Experiencing it, and even though the urge comes to take a photo, the idea of reaching for my camera just seems like an effort… An effort that will not enhance the moment.  I like looking back at my life in pictures. And I love looking back at my life experiences as they are captured in my mind.

Luck, Comes To Those Who Take A Chance

If you want to get lucky, you’ve got to put yourself in the way! A simple story illustrates this for me. 
A young man, who was very devoted to his God, would do right and live in line with the values of his faith. Day and night, he would also pray to God, asking that he be blessed with the miracle of winning the lotto.

For years, he would pray, day and night, giving thanks to God for all that he had. He lived his best life, ever looking to do right by his God. He never won the lotto though. He was not destitute, and could make ends meet. So while he did not need the big lotto winnings, they would have brought about a significant shift in his lifestyle.

“My Lord,” he said, praying one night, “For years, I have prayed, day and night, asking to win the lotto. Why will you not shower me with that blessing?”

“My son,” God replied, “You have to at least buy a ticket!”

If you haven’t got a ticket, you haven’t got a chance. So, whatever it is that you have your sights set on, get in there and go for it. 

Heritage Day, Our Culture Of Compromise

The irony of this Public Holiday, is it was put in place to unite us as South Africans. Celebrating Heritage Day, was an effort led by the government, to heal the divisions of our past. A marketing campaign that gained legs in 2005 has hijacked the national day, and now I find it divisive, given how it could possibly change how South African history is recorded.

An image from Business Day #feesmustfall
An image from Business Day #feesmustfall

I am now where this young student is. A picture from Business Day at a #feesmustfall demonstration. Every time I hear someone call Heritage Day, Braai Day (or National Braai Day), I age a few years, as I have to calm myself down from the racing anger that shoots through my veins. I can’t change how history gets accounted for, but I don’t have to accept it.

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I Am Just Projecting

I really do believe, that the world meets you where you are. It’s a statement that is easy to agree with, when things are going your way. Yet when the world feels like an uphill climb, lacking in luck, that statement is the last thing you want to hear.

We are losing the internet to the culture of hate! I don’t think the Joel Stein article, How Trolls Are Ruining The Internet, is farfetched. Some of us do want to simply go to the harbour, pull out our cellphone, and take a picture of birds flying by. After all, blogging began as a form of online diary…

On the internet, we are all public figures. What we say, has ripple effects beyond our own wildest dreams. That implies that in what we say and post, we act very responsibly! Expressing socially unacceptable views, may or may not be leaving the rest of the world with something to think about.

When you do go for that jugular though, ask yourself, are you exposing the person you are attacking, or are you exposing yourself?

Caster Semenya, Just A Girl, No Doubt!

What really matters to us? For me, fairness. Rules are there to control what we quite often can’t control, but they have to be fair. I didn’t even realise that Caster was 18 years old in 2009, when the world turned against her, and we as South Africans did not step in to bring reason to an emotional argument.

That the rules were changed by the IAAF to bar women from competing if they were at a certain testosterone level, is degrading for anyone who sees herself as girl, or woman, blessed with her life by God.

There is no scientific evidence that a higher testosterone level for a woman brings unfair advantage to that woman athlete over another. Yet that was seen as reasonable to use, as a factor to exclude a woman from competing!

I don’t see African runners, who grow up in abject poverty, complaining that they have a nutritional disadvantage to athletes from First World countries, who have access to better facilities for training and optimal eating plans.

Understanding the Controversy Over Caster Semenya makes for a great read, if you don’t have context on a South African woman I have great respect and admiration for.