Who Am I?

Hola! I am Thabo and I live in South Africa. Skip to the last paragraph, if you have a short concentration span and want to know what this blog is about.

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I was born in Alexandra, a small township in Johannesburg, South Africa. While I have very clear memories growing up in Alex, I sometimes feel the urge to pinch myself, when I wonder if the life I live today is really true. I am actively forever grateful, not for one second taking what I have today for granted.

I’m married, to Chomba, and we have two beautiful and talented daughters, Jordan and Maya. Chomba and I met in Joburg, and both our children were born there. We now live in Cape Town, and I get the best of both worlds in South Africa, with my Joburg and Cape Town living.

Social Media allows us all to be content creators, and content circulators. You share what you come across on your own facebook wall, or twitter, or Instagram, or Google+, or any other social media platform. The point is, social media is a perfect opportunity to share about the things that matter to you. This blog is me doing just that. So it is not a specific genre per say.

It’s about Family, friends, food, whisky and wine. Oh, and it is also about the places I have gone. I guess you could say, it’s a window of seeing a little part of what is inside my head.

Group Selfie in 2014
Group Selfie in 2014