Africa, We Want To Grow Together

Africa, we want to grow together!

This is a loud cry, and I hear it get louder and louder each day. Having watched the TEDTalk by Siyanda Mohutsiwa (a few times now I must add), I get that much more excited that we will not only keep saying it, we will do something about it. Those of us that dare to dream about the inclusive growth that this continent desires at its heart, will get there.

I am the first to correct people to the reality that Africa is one massive continent, where the culture from Cape Town to Lusaka can have glaringly obvious differences (never mind Cape to Cairo). I am also very much a believer that as Africans, something does make us one. It’s the Pan African dream! Who can forget Thabo Mbeki reciting, “I’m An African“?. It intimidates some, while it also excites the rest of us.

I work for a bank, which is moving forward, on purpose… Africa is our home, we drive her growth. It is not just a cheesy line for me, it is something I buy into and want to be a part of.

“My dream is that young Africans begin to realise that the entire continent is our canvas, is our home” ~ Siyanda Mohutsiwa.

Draw your own conclusions, and watch this TEDTalk by Siyanda. Africa is still a good story, and she makes a compelling argument to support that!

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