Caster Semenya, Just A Girl, No Doubt!

What really matters to us? For me, fairness. Rules are there to control what we quite often can’t control, but they have to be fair. I didn’t even realise that Caster was 18 years old in 2009, when the world turned against her, and we as South Africans did not step in to bring reason to an emotional argument.

That the rules were changed by the IAAF to bar women from competing if they were at a certain testosterone level, is degrading for anyone who sees herself as girl, or woman, blessed with her life by God.

There is no scientific evidence that a higher testosterone level for a woman brings unfair advantage to that woman athlete over another. Yet that was seen as reasonable to use, as a factor to exclude a woman from competing!

I don’t see African runners, who grow up in abject poverty, complaining that they have a nutritional disadvantage to athletes from First World countries, who have access to better facilities for training and optimal eating plans.

Understanding the Controversy Over Caster Semenya makes for a great read, if you don’t have context on a South African woman I have great respect and admiration for.

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