Luck, Comes To Those Who Take A Chance

If you want to get lucky, you’ve got to put yourself in the way! A simple story illustrates this for me. 
A young man, who was very devoted to his God, would do right and live in line with the values of his faith. Day and night, he would also pray to God, asking that he be blessed with the miracle of winning the lotto.

For years, he would pray, day and night, giving thanks to God for all that he had. He lived his best life, ever looking to do right by his God. He never won the lotto though. He was not destitute, and could make ends meet. So while he did not need the big lotto winnings, they would have brought about a significant shift in his lifestyle.

“My Lord,” he said, praying one night, “For years, I have prayed, day and night, asking to win the lotto. Why will you not shower me with that blessing?”

“My son,” God replied, “You have to at least buy a ticket!”

If you haven’t got a ticket, you haven’t got a chance. So, whatever it is that you have your sights set on, get in there and go for it. 

Author: fit4thabo

I'm a Banker by profession, and ubiquitous on social media. Sometimes, it is as if my brain has a mind of its own. Full of life, and love my family, my work, sports, food, whisky and wine.

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