Zootropolis, Dare To Dream

Imagine a world, where humans never happened. Zootropolis or Zootopia, is a city just like that! It’s a modern, civilised city, where the animals are anthropomorphic. Yes, that’s a big word, and I had to look it up. Given the world we are living in today, this movie is to the point and particularly appropriate. You will most certainly get something out of it.

The creators of Frozen, did a great job in capturing the reality of our world, where prejudices are a divisive animal which we seem to constantly feed. The story illuminates this effectively, and will leave you thinking, complimenting this thought provocation with a feel good effect.

I went to watch the movie with Maya and Jordan. It was meant to be daddy, taking his girls out on a little date, and I thought I was choosing the movie for them. I’m not sure what they got out of it, but I definitely think all adults should watch the movie as well.

I am not sure who the quote belongs to, but there

The One You Feed The Most

really are two wolves inside all of us. There are two wolves inside all of us

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