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I have not posted to the blog since mid-December (I have been counting). I am in Verlorenkloof, with limited access to the internet. I am still on holiday.  I have all the time in the world to get lost inside my head, bond with family and friends, while also getting to go on long nature walks. I am surrounded by these green carpet like mountains. Birds, that are foreign to me, chirp away, with their unique vocal chords on display, as I wander.

The rolling hills and a view of one of the crofts

This is not a New Year’s Resolution post. It’s a simple check in and feedback to you, my reader that frequents the blog. I started blogging using WordPress in March 2016. I have learnt quite a bit in that period. The “Build, Measure, Learn…” feedback loop is a Lean Startup methodology component that appeals to me. I guess you can say that it is what I am using as I wander on. I look forward to yet another year of learning, as I share with you on this space, Creative Domain.

Chomba’s coaching business is rebranding! Maya’s baking business, might just pivot… Jordan’s production has taken changed gears, with her photography, videography and music humming. I foresee another challenging year from a work perspective. The South African economy still limping. My influence on the South African economy is limited. What I can influence effectively though, is the frequency at which I post blogs on Creative Domain.

Amakery Brand Banner

The freedom I wanted when I started this blog, was to post whenever I wanted. While that suits me, it does not suit the follower and frequent reader. We all like a rhythm we can understand and rely on. I will start with posting weekly. Expect more about South African Wines. Expect a little bit more about eating out in our wide range of South African restaurants. Expect some of our own home cooking being shared, with recipes where possible. Oh, the places you’ll  go!

Crayfish braai, decadence…

I will post weekly, on a Wednesday. This week will be the exception, as I am still not back to the connected world. This is work in progress.


Allow me to take my last few days of being away from the rest of the world, immersed and connected to the now. As I collect my life in pictures, I will share it with you. Wishing you all the best for 2017, and see you next week!

Maya taking a picture of the landscape, with me taking a picture of all that

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