Punctuation, Are We Clear?

Punctuation! It maye seem dramatic, but it can also save you from the drama. Every time I drive passed this sign, and look at the below school board, I think of Jordan.


For those Afrikaans speaking South Africans, you will appreciate the importance of the umlaut above the letter (E) in the HOËRSKOOL above. As Jordan put it, “…in Afrikaans, Hoërskool means High School. Hoerskool would make for a very different meaning! So the symbol is important…”

It gets me every time I see the sign. I chuckle just about every time I see it. Jordan probably doesn’t even remember saying it. It is my little joke, as I come down the road, interrupting my thoughts, a refreshing break from the rest of the daily drama of living in South Africa.

Author: fit4thabo

I'm a Banker by profession, and ubiquitous on social media. Sometimes, it is as if my brain has a mind of its own. Full of life, and love my family, my work, sports, food, whisky and wine.

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