Rating South Africa

“…ultimately, this means that the collective gains in prosperity which we as a nation have achieved are at risk of being eroded” ~ South African Reserve Bank

This statement was made in the context of economic headwinds and not factoring the political agenda changing significantly in shape. As nervous as I am about the crossroads South Africa is at, I am excited!

We have the risk of a ratings downgrade yes, but we also need to continue the path we are on of saving the day, in action and not just promises. This will demonstrate to ourselves, the world, including the international credit ratings agencies, that we are worth our weight in gold.

This really is a country alive with possibilities! There is a crisis we can turn into an opportunity here…

Rating South Africa

Hello World!

Welcome to The House Of H, thanks to the power of WordPress. This might just be the shortest post I will put out there. The purpose was to have the first post, that’s why. Let’s just say that this site is work in progress, as I work on the platform, understand the tools and tinker with the look and feel.

Hello World Post 20160312

I am new to WordPress, but I have been blogging since 2011. I guess the writing was on the wall for me, when I wrote My Space, My Blog not so long ago. It’s time for me to invest a little more of myself into this media world, where the appetite to write and sell the negative, clouds the faith, love and hope some of us would prefer to hang on to.