I Don’t Know Much About Whisky

I know enough, to differentiate between what I like and what I don’t like. I know enough, that I can’t even explain the experience in my mouth, as I take a sip. Neat, so no ice to interfere with the whisky and it’s bonds.


On a night like tonight, that one glass of Glenbrynth is an added pleasure, as the sports teams I support all came out with good results.

I don’t know much about whisky, but I sure know when I am enjoying what I have just poured, and this Glenbrynth Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a drink I enjoy.

While You Debate Privacy, WhatsApp Has No Backdoor

Many of you will be aware of Apple’s standoff with the FBI. If you’re not, then you might want to click through the link on the previous sentence. Apple  is refusing to even attempt ‘breaking into the iPhone, as it defeats the security of the device, which is part of their value proposition.

Is the sun rising or setting for your privacy?
Is the sun rising or setting for your privacy?

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The Healthy Lettuce Myth

The food we eat is one of the things that matters the most to our well being. Yet with all the technology we have, and history and data, we are not agreeable in knowing what is really good for us. Food companies know there is a gap in clear links between what we eat and health risks, and exploit it. We are the ones that are taken advantage of, in that exploitation.

Butter Lettuce, rocket, baby spinach, egg, bacon, Parmesan cheese, onion

Butter Lettuce, rocket, baby spinach, egg, bacon, Parmesan cheese, onion

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Africa, We Want To Grow Together

Africa, we want to grow together!

This is a loud cry, and I hear it get louder and louder each day. Having watched the TEDTalk by Siyanda Mohutsiwa (a few times now I must add), I get that much more excited that we will not only keep saying it, we will do something about it. Those of us that dare to dream about the inclusive growth that this continent desires at its heart, will get there.

I am the first to correct people to the reality that Africa is one massive continent, where the culture from Cape Town to Lusaka can have glaringly obvious differences (never mind Cape to Cairo). I am also very much a believer that as Africans, something does make us one. It’s the Pan African dream! Who can forget Thabo Mbeki reciting, “I’m An African“?. It intimidates some, while it also excites the rest of us.

I work for a bank, which is moving forward, on purpose… Africa is our home, we drive her growth. It is not just a cheesy line for me, it is something I buy into and want to be a part of.

“My dream is that young Africans begin to realise that the entire continent is our canvas, is our home” ~ Siyanda Mohutsiwa.

Draw your own conclusions, and watch this TEDTalk by Siyanda. Africa is still a good story, and she makes a compelling argument to support that!

Snow In The Cape?

It’s March, and on Easter Sunday, we already have snow spotted in the Western Cape, according to this article from Louzel Lombard. Matroosberg welcomed the fluff of snow.

I’m just glad we have bought our winter wood already. It arrived on Thursday.

The rain poured heavily, and the winds were wild in Cape Town yesterday. Autumn is really here, and the rain is really welcome, particularly for my lawn. The grass has suffered severely from us (the house of H), sticking to the water restrictions, thrust upon us by the municipality.

This view this morning, gives you a sense of whether it’s my imagination at work, or whether it is indeed the end of summer.


Businesses Need To Show They Care

I guess the word authenticity comes to mind. More and more we say that businesses need to show their human side. Businesses need to show their customers they really care.

This can only be done through people, so… Michelle Cuthbert asks Is Your Business Taking The “Social” Out Of Media?

Personally, I think business has a long way to go in learning to be transparent when dealing with customers. The fear of making the business vulnerable still outweighs the desire to get it right for most people in leadership positions in businesses. It’s a long road ahead.


Zootropolis, Dare To Dream

Imagine a world, where humans never happened. Zootropolis or Zootopia, is a city just like that! It’s a modern, civilised city, where the animals are anthropomorphic. Yes, that’s a big word, and I had to look it up. Given the world we are living in today, this movie is to the point and particularly appropriate. You will most certainly get something out of it.

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It’s Getting More Expensive For All Of Us

South Africans, on hearing that inflation had risen to 7% in February, can suddenly make sense of why interest rates were further increased by the South African Reserve Bank last week Thursday.

It’s getting dark in here, and a little bit colder,


and I mean that literally as we seasonally are in Autumn. Our days will get shorter in terms of light of day available and we will certainly bid farewell to the heat we have complained about, the dry heat which has also hurt our crop… That brings us back to the inflation story.

It is getting more expensive for all of us. Yes, as trivial as the cup of coffee costs going up internationally as per the commodities index measured by Bloomberg. But that is the least of our worries.

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