The Constantia Greenbelt

My photo opportunities for street photography will be exploited on the Constantia Greenbelt. I have been there twice now with Jordan, bearing our Nikon cameras, strapped around our necks. 

I get the best of both in this confined space in that there are different types of people. Some are walking the dog, others pushing a stroller and others, simply a group of people walking. There are also nature shots that have that are quaint, giving you that could try feel in an urban zone.

I am not yet comfortable with street photography, where the subjects are people. I will get there, but for now I am wrestling with the intrusion. I feel like I could capture their souls, while they mind their own business, looking for serenity in a green space. 

Author: fit4thabo

I’m a Banker by profession, and ubiquitous on social media. Sometimes, it is as if my brain has a mind of its own. Full of life, and love my family, my work, sports, food, whisky and wine.

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