Verreaux, Eagles’ Nest Red Wine Soars

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! The European travels have come to an end, and we certainly enjoyed the food, wine and beer that France, The Netherlands and Germany had to offer. I respect the Old World wines, but my love for  The New World wines has not dwindled. There is plenty room for everyone in my world, so let’s get back to exploring South African wines. Old World wines are simply wines where wine making first originated, and South Africa is not part of that history. The Eagles’ Nest Verreaux was the wine bottle we opened 4 days before taking off on our trip. Have I got a story to tell you, so allow me to be a little bit longer than normal.

I’m setting the scene, so picture it

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Steenberg Rosé 2016

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out what works for you. One part of me wants to do a dipstick and check how useful, you, the reader, are finding these blog posts. Another part of me says it’s too early, keep writing because with hundreds of wine types and styles out there in the world, I have not even scratched the surface with the four South African wines I have blogged about so far. We need more time. Then we can have a useful dipstick test, but feedback along the way is very welcome and useful. I already have a request  from Iblis Bane, and I have committed to tasting a Cabernet Sauvignon. That won’t be today though, as I had already lined up the next couple of tastes. Today, I get to share with you the Steenberg Rosé 2016 vintage.

I can only pronounce Cinsault, because I heard it pronounced at The Tasting Room

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Chardonnay, Groot Constantia Chardonnay…

A James Bond like introduction in the title? Where do I start with my wine review of this celebrated vintage. The Groot Constantia Chardonnay 2013! It was judged best Chardonnay in the world in 2015. 800 wines were entered from across the globe, so this is a big deal. Groot Constantia is the oldest wine farm in South Africa, and and it’s not simply because their vineyard is down the road that I am sharing this review. It’s because this chardonnay is something to write home about.
It’s a little ceremony when Choms and I open and enjoy a bottle of wine

Buitenverwachting Chardonnay 2014

It’s a Chardonnay, so I don’t have to tell you that it is dry. Bottled in 2015, this fruit of the vine, very much present in terms of body, is an easy to drink white wine. I am not sure how the heavy oak in a Chardonnay comes about, but this wine, having spent 10 months in French barrels, has little oak feel to it.

It’s surprisingly fruity, and has a lasting, pleasant taste in the mouth. It definitely makes for easy everyday drinking, so glad I waited a year before opening it.

I could have sworn I bought two bottles, so I hope the other one is there to venture into next year.
I like French Chardonnays, and battle to find the easy drinking Chardonnays I like, in South Africa. This Buitenverwachting Chardonnay has certainly made it into that category I appreciate in this varietal.

The Constantia Greenbelt

My photo opportunities for street photography will be exploited on the Constantia Greenbelt. I have been there twice now with Jordan, bearing our Nikon cameras, strapped around our necks. 

I get the best of both in this confined space in that there are different types of people. Some are walking the dog, others pushing a stroller and others, simply a group of people walking. There are also nature shots that have that are quaint, giving you that could try feel in an urban zone.

I am not yet comfortable with street photography, where the subjects are people. I will get there, but for now I am wrestling with the intrusion. I feel like I could capture their souls, while they mind their own business, looking for serenity in a green space.