Imaginary Lines, Weekly Photo Shop

My Weekly Photo Shop post does not yet have a personality and boundaries. It is my freedom to express mode on the blog. It is always a ‘story’, driven by the photograph, rather than my usual blog posts which are the photographs driven by the ‘wine story’.

This week I will share this photograph I took on my last visit to Cape Point in 2015. It is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. I am always fascinated at how people come here, and try to convince you to see the line they see where the two oceans meet.

Seeing how we respond politically of late, the funny side of the Cape Point experience is drowned a bit for me. People are obsessed with separation and lines, in spite of all the evidence that we are not that dissimilar and that we all want the same thing…

Have a nice day

Where East Meets West

Doing Great Things Is Difficult, Weekly Photo Shop

Doing great things is difficult… Do great things anyway. I always told myself my entrepreneurial spirit was something I got from my mom. Listening to my aunt speak about my grandmother at her funeral yesterday, I was reminded about who the original entrepreneur was, which influenced my mom, and in turn me. It all made sense, because I remember it all. It’s just I guess I saw my grandmother more for her time she would always make for us her grandchildren, yet when we would sleep, she would be toiling away on her sowing machine, creating works of art which were her own design. How can I forget that Mma?

My African Queen, laid to rest this week

Step Out Of The Shadows

The Gnomes of Zurich are experts in monetary or financial affairs
The Gnomes of Zurich are experts in monetary or financial affairs

I have written before, about how luck comes to those who take a chance. I sat at my desk, writing in my notebook. My writing, putting pen to paper, serves as a jockey, committing me to my dreams. After I finished writing, and I changed my mode to reading a screen,  I came across these words.

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Find Some Inspiration In Your Life

I have struggled to blog with the rhythm and intensity that I set out as a goal, when I created this site, driveclt. I wish I could say that I was suffering from writer’s block (well a part of me wishes it was that easy). I know better though, and to be honest, I think it is because of fear.

Wave crash captured at St James beach, Cape Town
Wave crash captured at St James beach, Cape Town, by Jordan

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Africa, We Want To Grow Together

Africa, we want to grow together!

This is a loud cry, and I hear it get louder and louder each day. Having watched the TEDTalk by Siyanda Mohutsiwa (a few times now I must add), I get that much more excited that we will not only keep saying it, we will do something about it. Those of us that dare to dream about the inclusive growth that this continent desires at its heart, will get there.

I am the first to correct people to the reality that Africa is one massive continent, where the culture from Cape Town to Lusaka can have glaringly obvious differences (never mind Cape to Cairo). I am also very much a believer that as Africans, something does make us one. It’s the Pan African dream! Who can forget Thabo Mbeki reciting, “I’m An African“?. It intimidates some, while it also excites the rest of us.

I work for a bank, which is moving forward, on purpose… Africa is our home, we drive her growth. It is not just a cheesy line for me, it is something I buy into and want to be a part of.

“My dream is that young Africans begin to realise that the entire continent is our canvas, is our home” ~ Siyanda Mohutsiwa.

Draw your own conclusions, and watch this TEDTalk by Siyanda. Africa is still a good story, and she makes a compelling argument to support that!