Imaginary Lines, Weekly Photo Shop

My Weekly Photo Shop post does not yet have a personality and boundaries. It is my freedom to express mode on the blog. It is always a ‘story’, driven by the photograph, rather than my usual blog posts which are the photographs driven by the ‘wine story’.

This week I will share this photograph I took on my last visit to Cape Point in 2015. It is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. I am always fascinated at how people come here, and try to convince you to see the line they see where the two oceans meet.

Seeing how we respond politically of late, the funny side of the Cape Point experience is drowned a bit for me. People are obsessed with separation and lines, in spite of all the evidence that we are not that dissimilar and that we all want the same thing…

Have a nice day

Where East Meets West

Mystery Wine, Weekly Photo Shop

It’s going to be another belter of a week as far as my day job is concerned. Still, I will blog and post the wine of the week on Wednesday. I took the opportunity for my weekly photo to segue into the wine that I will be sharing so I would be surprised if you guessed the wine estate. Then again, had you ever heard of Anwilka, a farm that produced last week’s wine of the week?

A hint of the tasting to come on Wednesday, it’s a Sauvignon Blanc

Vergelegen, No Ordinary Estate, For My Weekly Photo Shop

It’s a wonder that I call this Sunday Post custom I am starting, my Weekly Photo Shop! I don’t use Photoshop to edit my photography. I like the title, it almost fits to describe the window into my world of photography, while talking wine with friends. Jordan took this picture while we were on the Vergelegen wine estate on her smartphone in 2015. I should have known then that her keen eye with a camera was destined for a world beyond a simple point and shoot camera!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Food Glorious Food, With A Twist!

I’m not sure if you have seen an Oliver Twist production. When I get excited by good food, I remember vividly, the scene as the cast bursts into singing Food glorious food! Only for them, it was as they could close their eyes and imagine the food, not what was really before them.

Tapas selection of tempura prawn, carpaccio and calamari
Tapas selection of tempura prawn, carpaccio and calamari

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The Art Of Photography, Less Is More

Photography is such an interesting art. In my opinion, it’s more of a science, than an art. Particularly if you are not using a ‘point and shoot’ camera. I can settle on the description of ‘its’s an art and a science’ when it comes to photography. The choices you make, when you are the one clicking the button from behind the lens, imbue art with science.

I am a member of a photography club. It’s an exclusive club. Jordan (my eldest daughter) and I are the two members. We love sharing ideas about photography, including the beautiful work that we see by talented photographers. We don’t go on as many photo walks as we would like. With our busy lives, we fail to fit this in. This has made photography projects around the house a viable solution to our problem.

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