Wining And Dining In Europe

I have not stopped blogging. I am on holiday, and the plan was to write about my wine experiences as I tour mainly Paris, Reims, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch as it’s colloquially called) and Amsterdam. What I got totally wrong in my theory was that much as I will be on holiday, I would NOT have time to gather my thoughts and share my experiences with you.


I am having a wonderful time, evidence in not making time to write. Every blog post I have written starts with “If you try a different wines, you are bound to figure out which wines you like.” for a reason. I have made it my mission to explore and taste wines I don’t know. I am tasting beers I don’t know and while I am a lager person who does not like Ale, that’s what i am trying as craft beer exploits flavours best in ales and not lagers.
The world of wine is almost endless and staying in your comfort zone and avoiding trying something new is fine, but why settle? I have spent ‘over the normal South African odds’ on wines this holiday, some worth it and some with the wine being good, but not worth the price point. As I sit here and write, I have baby potatoes roasting in the oven with some blue cheese, sliced red onions and garlic all wrapped up in aluminium foil. I did dress it with some salt and pepper and olive oil. 


This, together with chicken wings that were oven baked, seasoned with fresh rosemary, olive oil, garlic and lime juice and a coleslaw as well as lettuce salad will be the pairing for the wine of choice tonight. It’s a Bordeaux wine, and the wine consultant at the local “wijn huys” recommended this Pomerol when I asked for a French Bordeaux wine. Something different in that when I have Bordeaux blends back home in South Africa, they are not from the region and the single varietal grapes are local, albeit originally from France.

Picture A Fresh Start

I have not posted to the blog since mid-December (I have been counting). I am in Verlorenkloof, with limited access to the internet. I am still on holiday.  I have all the time in the world to get lost inside my head, bond with family and friends, while also getting to go on long nature walks. I am surrounded by these green carpet like mountains. Birds, that are foreign to me, chirp away, with their unique vocal chords on display, as I wander.

The rolling hills and a view of one of the crofts

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Bo-Kaap Development, Or A Community Distortion?

Bo-Kaap Development Approved is the headline of the article that caught my attention, and I can’t say that I have seen this story covered in mainstream media. That in itself adds to my suspicion, that the City Of Cape Town is really trying to sneak this in. The Bo-Kaap, for those of you

Street Photography, looking into Cape Town
Street Photography, looking into Cape Town

not familiar with the name, is the colourful, visually charming area in Cape Town, nestled on the slopes of Signal Hill.

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Verlorenkloof, A Mountain To Call Your Own

If you love a home away from home, then allow me to give you a glimpse of the reception when I last went to Verlorenkloof. Growing up, one of the shows I used to enjoy watching with my dad, was Cheers. A sitcom, set in a Boston Bar, where everybody knows your name! When Norm would walk into the bar, he would receive a warm and cheerful welcome, with just about everyone, in concert, greeting him by his name. I felt pretty much like Norm, when I stayed at Verlorenkloof, where we had our first holiday of 2016.

The gravel road leading into the farm
The gravel road leading into the farm

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Find Some Inspiration In Your Life

I have struggled to blog with the rhythm and intensity that I set out as a goal, when I created this site, driveclt. I wish I could say that I was suffering from writer’s block (well a part of me wishes it was that easy). I know better though, and to be honest, I think it is because of fear.

Wave crash captured at St James beach, Cape Town
Wave crash captured at St James beach, Cape Town, by Jordan

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A Rating South Africa Can Be Proud Of

South Africa is a beautiful corner of the world, at the bottom tip of Africa. Our most famous claim to fame, will always be Nelson Mandela. That, together with this beautiful country, rich with a history of trials and tribulations, hope and courage, makes it a definite holiday destination for the worldly.

It’s not only a great destination for a holiday, it is in my opinion one of the best countries in the world to live.


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