A Rating South Africa Can Be Proud Of

South Africa is a beautiful corner of the world, at the bottom tip of Africa. Our most famous claim to fame, will always be Nelson Mandela. That, together with this beautiful country, rich with a history of trials and tribulations, hope and courage, makes it a definite holiday destination for the worldly.

It’s not only a great destination for a holiday, it is in my opinion one of the best countries in the world to live.


You may think I am biased, and rightly so, since I love my country warts and all. It just makes it all that much easier to speak to, when looking at the results of the most comprehensive and wide ranging travel guide in Britain. In the recently announced Telegraph Travel Awards, South Africa was voted the third most favourite country.

In the same set of awards, Cape Town was voted the best city in the world for the fourth consecutive year!

More than 75,000 readers participated, and the Telegraph Travel Awards are a very much relied upon travel survey in Britain. My point is, this is not just a random sample asking people walking down the high street about travel. It’s great that I have a big opinion on my own country, but it is all that much better when that is echoed by the very tourists we wish to attract.

Come take a walk with us, you will be pleasantly surprised…


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