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I have struggled to blog with the rhythm and intensity that I set out as a goal, when I created this site, driveclt. I wish I could say that I was suffering from writer’s block (well a part of me wishes it was that easy). I know better though, and to be honest, I think it is because of fear.

Wave crash captured at St James beach, Cape Town
Wave crash captured at St James beach, Cape Town, by Jordan

The fear of not conforming to the narrative…

I have enjoyed growing up and living in South Africa. There is a lot to our country, and my journey of discovery will struggle to cover and understand all that our country is about. So the topics to write about are not the problem. It is for that reason, that I know that my lack of posts and quality of posts so far, are not about writer’s block.

Joburg, don't believe those who say it's a concrete jungle
Joburg, don’t believe those who say it’s a concrete jungle

I have been, and remain, conflicted as to what I write about on this blog. Political tensions in the country, rise and fall, at the frequency of a bat flapping its wings. Our racial divide gets exposed by the nano second. The persistent income inequality gap, resulting in a socio-economic environment of the haves and have nots, culminates in institutions of learning being burnt to the ground, without a thought as to the consequences.

It makes it hard to be an ambassador of South Africa, and write about the great qualities of this country, it’s majestic cities, with all those problems. That is why I am conflicted. How do I, as a self elected tourist ambassador promoting our country, give you an attractive perspective on the sights and sounds of our beautiful shores, with the negative realities so irresistable?

Walking up Vineyard Street in Claremont, Cape Town
Walking up Vineyard Street in Claremont, Cape Town

The world wide web and social media have plenty of negative press on South Africa. That can be the balancing effect. I will focus on the positive aspects of our country. Whether it is my family and I, spontaneously buying 250 school children an ice cream each at McDonald’s (the kids were out on a day trip at The V&A Waterfront), or any other random act of kindness, that’s what makes this country special to me.

Jordan and Maya serve ice cream to a class we chose for a random act of kindness
Jordan and Maya serve ice cream to a class we chose for a random act of kindness

If I see the beauty in this country, why not share it here with you? The media have chosen to ignore that very beauty, as they are obsessed with eyeballs and ad spend and page views. I care more about how I leave you feeling.

When it' was time to say good bye, how did it feel?
When it’ was time to say good bye, how did it feel?

South Africa has striking features, and I am being mischievous with the pun. Jokes aside, with such a picturesque setting, where ordinary people are doing extraordinary things, why not find my inspiration in that to blog about?

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8 thoughts on “Find Some Inspiration In Your Life”

    1. I think you have the Kalk Bay bug, 🙂
      I did not take this shot though, my daughter did

  1. You’re doing pretty well with your blog – but I think i understand your dilemma.
    Perhaps just write about how YOU experience SA. Write about how ordinary day to day events make you feel everyday.

    1. Thanks Larry. I guess that is why the reflection was important for me, rather than barrel off in reaction mode. It is pretty much the angle I have chosen, how I am experiencing South Africa. Every country has its flaws, some more than others. So rather than judge myself as not acknowledging what is, let me go on about it as I see the good side of it

  2. I guess you could always keep it real by utilizing all your senses … for example, you chose to use that amazing pic that your daughter took of the surf crashing on the rocks …. and you can highlight the beauty of this image and what it means to you at the immediate level of the image drama …. But then you are also free to draw an analogy by saying something about how that even though all the water is from the same sea, some of it is lucky enough to splash up high and mix with the clouds (love that image in the pic) whereas the rest of the wave just crashes onto the rocks and back into the sea … and that how all South Africans should be encouraged and be given that opportunity to ‘mix it with the clouds’ …. because we all have the same potential … and at the very least, we should all be given that opportunity …
    My analogy is pretty lame… but I guess you know what I’m getting at….

  3. You used one of my photos I feel very flattered, write about anything really because it’s always best to write for yourself and if other people enjoy then that’s a +plus ♡

      1. Hey sorry only seeing this now but of course you can! I’m flattered that you want to use it 🙂

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