World Of Whisky, Private Barrel Company No.41


Single malt scotch whisky just took a whole new turn, when it comes to the brand influencing my experience. I will probably never know what whisky house this is, that has made our Jozi Whiskey Club go bezerk. We hunt this golden liquid, better than Pokémon Go gamers perform their craft, as we look to get more than our fair share of the 3,000 bottles produced.

This is a whisky that has caught the attention of the palate of everyone I know who drank it. Those eyes, as they light up, after a sip, when you see the pride of someone who thinks they have just hit the jackpot, are unmissable. This Private Barrel Company No.41 whisky has captured the eye of those who have seen it, as well as the ear of those who have heard about it.

For my eye, the colour of the whisky is not light enough to have been only in a Bourbon Cask. It is also not dark enough, giving the richness I expect from a Sherry Cask. Based on the colour being in between, I’m guessing it’s both casks (it does say on the label but these are my tasting notes). It’s a medium body, so easy drinking, yet definitely filled with character.

I can taste the bourbon undertones at times, when I sip, following through on the fruity nose when I inhaled the fumes of the contents in the glass. It is consistent in my mouth, and the finish is not to be scoffed at, particularly given the price range of the bottle.

This is what a value experience tastes like. Checkers have brought this whisky to South Africa, and they have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the original distillery, so we will never know the label that typically sits on the bottle with this whisky as its contents.

This, for me, is what a value investment looks like. Particularly if you like liquid assets.

I hope you find it and enjoy it, because I, certainly did! The Jozi whiskey club recently found some more stock in Pretoria. I can only hope we get our alloted ask, as it’s more than 2 bottles per person ordered.

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