A Bottle Of Wine, The Scene And A Good Story

In every bottle of wine there is story to be told. What is it though, that makes it a good story, a bad story, or a great story? Telling a great story is a unique art in my opinion. I have read content, not limited to wine write ups, where the narrative is put forward in a way that left me feeling like the experience I had just had, was an escape of sorts. So how do wine marketers and bloggers get it right, when they try tell a story about the vintage that the wine maker is so proud of?

The opening line to opening wine…

My answer to that, is with great difficulty. As a consumer, I have been disappointed by what I read, even though the topic interested me. Either the point of the story did not come across, or there was no story, just points about the characteristics of the wine. Nouns and adjectives, without context to illuminate the message and make me ‘lus’ for what’s in the bottle, or to be enjoyed at the wine farm or restaurant.

A typical good story for me, tends to be long winded, relative to the expectation of today’s reader for a short and sweet blog post. To paint the picture and create context, the writer just seems to go on and on… Somehow it remains interesting, as layers unfold and they keep me hooked. While not getting to the point, I feel like the writer will get to the point, and it is moments away.

Setting the scene and capturing the moment

Good stories are descriptive with particular reference to detail! Descriptive in words I can understand though, not academic language that is obscure and verbose. What I did in the last sentence is irony at play, another trait I enjoy in a good story. It is quite a skill, this ability to play back the moment by moment of what you experienced and get me to read it and feel as if I am part of the story.

Good stories end, and leave you with something to remember them by. That is my ambition, as I make an attempt every week on this blog to tell you about our South African wines. You see, my point is not only to tell you about the wines out there. It is to also sing praises about the great South African wines we have, that I feel we don’t brag about enough to get the international status we deserve. You can’t brag about our wines either, if you don’t know what wines we have!

I like to read a good story, so it goes without saying that my ambition is to also write good stories. So when I sometimes get myself in the dark, and don’t know how to tell my wine story, I reset the clock and remind myself what it is that I am looking to achieve and why. What I know for sure, is I have no chance of creating a good story, if I don’t put some carefully thought out words on this blog! Hopefully, like a good bottle of wine, my stories will get better with time.

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like

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