Buitenverwachting Chardonnay 2014

It’s a Chardonnay, so I don’t have to tell you that it is dry. Bottled in 2015, this fruit of the vine, very much present in terms of body, is an easy to drink white wine. I am not sure how the heavy oak in a Chardonnay comes about, but this wine, having spent 10 months in French barrels, has little oak feel to it.

It’s surprisingly fruity, and has a lasting, pleasant taste in the mouth. It definitely makes for easy everyday drinking, so glad I waited a year before opening it.

I could have sworn I bought two bottles, so I hope the other one is there to venture into next year.
I like French Chardonnays, and battle to find the easy drinking Chardonnays I like, in South Africa. This Buitenverwachting Chardonnay has certainly made it into that category I appreciate in this varietal.

Author: fit4thabo

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