Lanzerac, Wine Tasting South African Style

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! I have shared my tasting experience of the Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon, but I had never been to the wine farm. Zelda had invited us to come through, after an introduction by a common friend. A vineyard with quality wines, which takes the experience factor of their offering seriously!  This was not an opportunity to be missed. Lanzerac wine estate has a lot to offer, and I have always understood it to be not your “run of the mill” estate, whether it be for experiencing their wine tasting, restaurant, spa or hotel. My visit was focused on the wine tasting, as I had now had the teaser of the offering of the Stellenbosch wine farm, “against the foothills of the Botmaskop in the Jonkershoek Valley”.

The Lanzerac wine estate has a lot to offer

It was a hot day in Stellenbosch when we arrived, considering we were in the midst of autumn. The weather was not appealing for an outside sitting. Even though sitting in the outside area would have given us the joys of being mesmerised by the scenery of vineyards and countryside. Chomba, the girls and I made our way inside. Our intent was to only try a few of the Lanzerac red wines. Our choice to sit inside was validated by the cool, air conditioned tasting room which provided the perfect environment for our wine tasting marathon……


It was at this point that I realised how many wines Lanzerac produced, way more than I expected. We met Zelda in the tasting room, and while this was our first IRL (In Real Life) meeting, I felt more like I was introducing her to the rest of my family. Lanzerac does have a Premium and Heritage tasting option, with different price points, but for full disclosure, Zelda was hosting us. We were therefore not paying for the tasting. That did leave me feeling a little bit vulnerable accepting the offer. I pride myself in blogging based on my truth, and so I had to wonder if my tasting and experience would be biased. I happily accept that my truth is not a universal truth. However, if I did not like the wine or the experience, I was simply not going to write about it, I told myself.

I did not know that Lanzerac has an MCC

Our intention of only tasting red wine was soon a theory gone wrong, as we did make Zelda aware that our preferred white wine is a Chardonnay. Zelda succeeded in the rubber arm twisting before we dived into the red wine, and we tried the bubbly and two Chardonnays. Chomba was driving home, and she has the discipline of tasting, and pouring the rest of her tasting glass out. I on the other hand pour out the rest of the tasting glass of wine because I am not enjoying the wine! I had originally chosen six red wines to taste, of the Lanzerac twelve wines on offer. Zelda “somehow” influenced me to taste nine of their wines. Of the nine wines I tasted, we bought seven at the end of the tasting (two mixed cases to go). We also joined the Lanzerac wine club. So the tasting was free, but I would have to argue that was marketing spend paying off for Lanzerac in that there was a sale from the Direct Marketing. If that does not extinguish the doubt you may have in my being objective in the post, then nothing will!

Tick and make notes, so you know what to buy and why?

If I had to pick two stand out moments from the tasting, I will start with the Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine still blew me away following on from when I first had it (as per my earlier blog post). Chomba did not have it ticked as one of her wines to try, and I asked her to simply have a sip. She was pleasantly surprised, and really enjoyed it, rating it in the top band of the tasting. She does not like Cabernet Sauvignon as a wine grape as she does battle with the tannins, but this was a winner for her as far as the grape varietal goes. The hands down winner though for both of us, was the Pinotage. Both of them were great!

Pionier Pinotage and Pinotage, 2014 was a good year

Honestly speaking, I did not know on going to Lanzerac that the wine estate is the home of the world’s first bottled Pinotage. I was also not aware that the farm was at one stage owned by SFW, a company my mother worked for before choosing to adapt her career to raising kids (by that I mean my brothers and I). Zelda was also feeding my brain with the food it loves so much, history, and as dots connected for me, I got more excited and animated. I mention animated because Jordan made it a point, when we were looking at all the photographs afterwards, to mention to me that she did not realise how much I speak with my hands…

Story telling, it’s all in motion

The Lanzerac wine tasting room is an experience I would definitely recommend, as one for your “To Do List” if wine farms are your thing. If you’re on holiday in Cape Town, you have no business not treating yourself to this escape into luxury, whether you enjoy fine wines, fine dining or fine treatment. The tasting room itself in terms of décor, really appealed to my senses. Stand out, spacious chairs with well thought out finishes in upholstery fabric complement the wooden finishes that rise up to the ceiling. A definite hang out for wine with friends.

Sip and enjoy…

“This is actually my favourite wine farm in Stellenbosch” my cousin said, when I posted on Instagram about Lanzerac. Counting him and me, those are two data points, so you making it three data points would make it a trend.

Don’t you just wish you were here?

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