Red Wine, Anwilka Petit Frère 2012

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! Anwilka vineyards remains unknown to me as a wine farm and is situated on the south end of Stellenbosch. I discovered this bottle of Petit Frère while wine tasting at Klein Constantia wine farm in the autumn of 2015. On tasting the wine at the wine farm, it really did not appeal to either Chomba or myself. However, we did think that it could be better with time, so took a gamble buying one bottle, knowing that it would be put away for aging.

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On the eve of my birthday last year, we chose to open the bottle of the Petit Frère 2012. We were banking on benefitting from the fact that wine changes as it ages, so hopefully this change would be for the better. The wine colour was a beautiful ruby red. I poured it into the decanter, to let it breathe for a good 30 minutes before beginning with my wine tasting experience. As I looked at the bottle, I wondered if one of the reasons I was tempted to buy the bottle, having not been wowed by the taste, was the beautiful blue shade of colour on the label and the neck of the wine bottle.

Pleasing to the eye, isn’t it?

Perhaps my rationale to buy it at the time was based on my love for red wine, and this being a red wine blend of Syrah (64%), Cabernet Sauvignon (28%) and Petit Verdot (8%) there was possible reward if one was patient. The first time I tasted the wine, I remembered a lot of sharpness yet surprisingly this time around, the aromas were spicy and fruity. I had made a roast pork for dinner so the meat in itself would be flavourful. Would the pairing work is all I could wonder. I do get excited by the uncertainty of what’s to come when experimenting with flavours.

Roasted in the oven with the last few minutes on grill to crisp

On tasting the wine, before dinner, it was round and a far cry from my first time experience. The wine was complex and I loved the body, full and bold. The tannins which had been off putting a year and a half earlier, were now a lot more graceful in how they interacted with my tongue. The wine paired well with the roast pork which was seasoned with ginger and coriander to name a few of the spices.

Decant your wine, to increase aeration and it opens the wine up for its aromas and flavours

Wine really is an experience, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. This Anwilka Petit Frère 2012 was a HIT for me when drinking it in October 2016. I wonder what waiting another year would have done for the wine? It’s always fun finding the hidden gems and this will go down as one of them. I can’t remember how much I paid for the bottle, but looking at the Makro website, it is a Category B wine by my classification. Refer to my blog post on the Thelema Sauvignon Blanc to understand my categories.

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