Wine Tasting, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Is As Good As Blind Tasting

This Châteauneuf-du-Pape was commensurate to the day, the weekend and the week! I didn’t choose to celebrate with it because it is a well known French wine from the Rhône Valley. I chose it because I wanted the oldest vintage I had in my wine collection, and it just so happened to be the bottle that meets that very criteria.

Well, I won’t bore you with what makes my day, my weekend and my week so breathtaking and exciting. This post is all about this very special bottle of Red Wine. Fellow Reds who know my favourite football team will have a clue to start with.

What makes this wine tasting interesting, is I don’t speak French nor read it. That makes  the label pretty useless to me. It is not my first encounter with this southern Rhône blend. Each experience has been one to cherish…

I can’t be specific about what grapes are in this blend, but I could pick up a spicy aroma, which I will attribute to a Syrah. The nose is gentle without a hint of tannins. Yet when you sip it, you can’t miss the grippy effect of the tannins. They are gentle tannins, not at all aggressive, comforting your tongue to relax, as you feel like you are in the hands of a pro.

Fitting to the smooth consistency of the wine I suppose… It really is elegant in the true sense of the word, and best defined  as complex . At 14.5% alcohol, I would say it’s medium to high. It’s bold, but not full bodied, and this is why I say this wine is complex. It’s everything I like in a red wine, yet I can’t tell you that one thing that it is.

Next year, I will give myself a treat, and buy a case of the youngest vintage available to age and enjoy annually.

The best piece of specific insight I have, comes from Chomba, my wife and wine club partner/member. She tells me that the name of the wine translates to House Number Nine Of The Pope! She can’t be far off… Look at the embossing on the bottle (better seen on the picture above than below).

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