Woolworths Ken Forrester Viognier 2015 Reserve Collection

If you try different wines, you are bound to figure out which wine you like! It is 9 degrees Celsius in Joburg as I write! The days are getting colder, and the mornings and evenings are crisp. Comfort food is naturally what you start thinking of when it is time to cook supper, so if that entails casseroles, a curry and the likes, why on earth would I bring a white wine to the party? Well, if you spot this Woolworths Ken Forrester Viognier 2015, don’t let the price tag of R69-95 be the reason you put your nose in the air and pass it by, like it is beneath you.

I think this Reserve Collection is only available in Woolworths

I made a lamb curry for dinner tonight. The recipe was similar to the one I used when I paired this Ken Forrester Viognier with a red hot Indian Curry not so long ago. Curry for me has always been a difficult dish to pair with wine, and so this experimenting of mine was inspired by reading Lauren’s blog post where she as well as some  other bloggers and wine writers took up a challenge of “creating a tantalising array of non-French recipes that accentuate and complement the beauty of French wine”.

Lamb curry, with some stir fried vegetables with red wine?

The Swirling Dervish went with A Feast Of The Senses: Viognier and Indian Spices. I don’t have French wine, but I did have access to Viognier and some Indian spices, so why not?

It’s an amazing price point for this wine bottle

I was inspired. I tried the Ken Forrester Viognier, first with a Thai Curry immediately afterwards, and I did not record my tasting notes but rather looked to understand if there was a complimentary relationship. I was pleased, hence tried it again with a lamb curry, this time being true to the combination with Indian spices. On pouring, the wine itself was fairly pale in colour. There was not a tint of yellow in the colour of the wine, it was more of a platinum colour if I was to choose a shade. The bottle label spoke to peachy and fruity flavours, and this surprised me given  that the colour of the wine would have had me expecting more of a mineral like taste.

I don’t know why I didn’t trust that Indian Spices would work so I tried Thai first

When I immersed my nose in the glass, there was a surprising fruity tone, stone fruit definitely but totally unexpected given the colour. It was a medium wine in alcohol volume, at 13.5% and I had the bottle super chilled, in stark contrast to what you would have expected on a cold day in autumn. The taste was even more surprising relative to the colour. It was ripe, and fruity with a long finish for a wine that light. With all that, there was also a bit of zest as every sip was crisp. An easy drink that left a zing in my mouth. The wine was a Category C, given the price point, but what a value buy.

Sometimes wine can be the stuff of dreams for the senses

Chomba had thought that the lemon peel effect would not work well with my curry. She had pan fried trout, as she does not eat meat. My lamb curry, with cumin, coriander, fresh ginger and masala having starring roles gave a burst full of flavour as I paired it with the wine. It was a HIT for me. A pairing I would not have tried if I did not read the explorations of Laura and other people out there who are open to explore the world of food and wine and more importantly share those experiences with the rest of us. There is a biochemical reason why the pairing works, and Lauren explains it quite well in her blog post 

Cold and crisp yet still works in autumn

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